Friday, August 14, 2015

God's provision

As we began to plan for Matthew's arrival we had thought about how we wanted to plan it but without the finances to live it. We were hoping (best case) to move to Seattle together around 39 weeks gestation and give Matthew 2 weeks to present himself. At that point we would induce.

Looking ahead we had only 1 week of vacation from Jon's work and no way to save up the money we would need for 2 or more weeks leave of absence (depending on Matthew). We knew approximately how much it would take to cover all of our bills here and for groceries there (we most likely have a free place to stay) but with Jon's wisdom teeth needing to come out, our car needing new parts and all of the trips to Seattle in the mean time there was no foreseeable way for it to work!

We began to pray for a way and God has provided it abundantly!

We have been given so many gifts! The gifts have come in the form of money, gift cards, prayer, hugs, etc. Some from family, some from friends, some from groups and some anonymously! In addition to that we have just found out that Jon got 2 weeks vacation time instead of the 1 that we thought!

We have been able to get Jon's wisdom teeth removed, purchase the car parts and have the finances or vacation time to stay 4 weeks in Seattle! I am crying with joy and awe as I write this. What a gracious God we have!

In our short marriage we have had many times of having to trust God to provide for us when we had no way that we could see it coming and each and every time he has given it to us one way or another. Sometimes ahead of time, sometimes at the last minute.

We praise God for his gracious gifts and for the people around us who love us so much!

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