Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More Appointments - Day 1

This week we had three appointments scheduled, two on Monday and one on Tuesday. Because of this we asked some friends if we could stay with them for the night and they graciously hosted us!
His profile!

On Monday we first met with the Neonatologist. He was someone we hadn't met before and didn't really get anything new or helpful from him.

Next we met with Dr Jolly again and had a lovely session. We started out talking about him being breech or not (I am pretty sure he had been doing some flipping around) so she brought in the ultra sound machine. He is still (or once again) breech with his rear down and feet up. His heart rate was 95 bpm and his fluid amount is increased (from somewhere around 19 last week) to 23. She said that at 25 it is considered high. We asked her if she was concerned about his heart rate being so low and she said that because he was moving around and seems to be doing fine it is probably his current normal and not a sign that he is in distress or anything. We are going to do a full ultrasound next week to measure him and get more details.

That is his nose, cheeks, mouth and chin just to the right of center :)
Among our questions I asked if an external version (ECV) would be something we could do if he continues to be breech. She said that with his heart rate being so low they wouldn't be able to tell if the version was causing him distress so it would be inadvisable. She told us that knowing our wishes of having the best chance of getting him out alive, if his heart rate is this low when I go into labor or we want to do an induction she would recommend doing the c-section instead because they won't be able to interpret his heart rate to tell if he is in distress or getting oxygen deprived during labor.

We fully understand where she is coming from so at this point we are continuing our plans for a natural vaginal delivery but most likely (pretty much for sure) he will be delivered by c-section. The only way to not automatically do a c-section is if his heart rate is around 110 or higher and if he is head down and presenting well.

(Day 2 is the next post)

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