Tuesday, July 7, 2015

High risk OB and genetic counselor

On June 22nd we met with another high risk OB and a genetic counselor and had the option of doing an amniocentesis but chose to cancel that because the test came back positive.

Our OB this time was Dr Delaney, a very nice woman who was 8 months pregnant herself! She went over our findings again and mentioned that we can do a fetal echo cardiogram if we wanted to. We said we did then started asking our many many questions. We spent about an hour talking and got all of our questions addressed or answered and made a plan for the future. We are going to be seeing them about every 4 weeks to do an ultrasound and to meet with the OB to make sure everything is going as it should. We talked about birthing possibilities and how that might look as well as what would happen if Matthew were to pass away before birth. Our next appointments will be on July 21st and we will do the fetal echo, a regular ultrasound, meet with a cardiologist and meet with Dr Jolly again.

Our meeting with the geneticist went really well, she explained the types of Trisomies as well as why they would want to know what kind he has (partial is sometimes because of a parent's genes) and she gave us a paper that included some websites to look at. We had already seen those websites but it was sweet of her to look into it for us (and others). At this point if Matthew were to pass away before birth I don't think we will find out exactly what kind he has, we only see that as helpful for his care during life and are trusting God for the genetic make up of our future children.

Before heading home we met with a family that we had been told about by someone in our church. They have a 9 month old daughter with Trisomy 18 (their blog is here: http://merry-musings.blogspot.com). It was so sweet to be able to see her and hold her and to talk with others of similar beliefs about what they have gone through. We were very encouraged by talking to them and can't wait to read their whole story.

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